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NPI provides a simple, easy-to-read report combining narrative and checklist formats. This means that information is available at a glance and all findings are clearly explained. Digital pictures make our reports even more user-friendly and editing capabilities mean we can specifically point out areas of interest in each photograph provided. Below you will find a few pages of a sample NPI home inspection report for your review.


Robert H
Mark was very professional. After introductions, he explained the entire process and the grading system. Several times we spoke of potential issues; he was not critical in his explanation but presented the facts as needed. His personality placed me at ease as I was naturally tense prior to someone inspecting my home, but during and after, I relaxed since Mark was there based on my request and I quickly determined that Mark was there to help rather than hinder my potential selling process. He is an asset to NPI. Robert Hippler
Delores C
Very helpful and give me lots of insight and information. Very thorough. From roof to basement to garage and the complete interior of the home. I feel very comfortable with the inspection. Definitely would recomment. Dee Childers
Carli L
Mark was really great at explaining everything he went through and had helpful recommendations for the future of the house.
Kelli O
Very knowledgeable and went above and beyond answering all questions and explaining things thoroughly while still easily understandable.
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