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NPI provides a simple, easy-to-read report combining narrative and checklist formats. This means that information is available at a glance and all findings are clearly explained. Digital pictures make our reports even more user-friendly and editing capabilities mean we can specifically point out areas of interest in each photograph provided. Below you will find a few pages of a sample NPI home inspection report for your review.


Jessica H
Jim was awesome and I learned a lot about our new home and as a first time home buyer I couldn't be more happy! Thank you guys!
Ben S
Excellent. My inspector, Jim, was very friendly and walked me through what he was looking at and what concerned him. He also took the time to explain to me how to care for a few things, like the furnace, and also pointed a few features of things, like the windows, that I would have probably never noticed. He was most excellent.
Melissa P
I was extremely pleased with the inspection Mark conducted. He went over various ascepts of the townhouse I would not have otherwise been aware of. Explained what to expect from the furnance, water heater and air conditioner. Mark was just the best!
Julie J
Mark is great. He explains everything and makes sure I understands what he is telling me. I recommended him to a few friends of mine. They were also very pleased with his work and level of professionalism.
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