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The Quad Cities' Premier Home Inspection Service

NPI provides a simple, easy-to-read report combining narrative and checklist formats. This means that information is available at a glance and all findings are clearly explained. Digital pictures make our reports even more user-friendly and editing capabilities mean we can specifically point out areas of interest in each photograph provided. Below you will find a few pages of a sample NPI home inspection report for your review.


Mark M
Very professional inspection. Mark was informative, gave clear and understandable explanations. Thanks Mark
Mark,thanks for your service and time! you exceeded our expectations!! we felt you went above and beyond the call of duty to help us understand the process and made things very clear. your patience was greatly appreciated and the detail was great!! thank you!
Laura M
I was not able to be present, however my parents went in my absence. My parents reported Jim was so thorough, explained the inspection process, and was very nice. My parents were impressed. Their positive experience made the expense of the inspection a mute point. Thank you!
Andrea T
Did a great job. Explained everything very well.
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