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* Radon is estimated to cause about 21,000 lung cancer deaths per year, according to EPA’s 2003 Assessment of Risks from Radon in Homes (EPA 402-R-03-003). The numbers of deaths from other causes are taken from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s 2005-2006 National Center for Injury Prevention and Control Report and 2006 National Safety Council Reports

Radon is a cancer-causing, radioactive gas. You cannot see, smell or taste radon, but it may be a problem in your home. Radon is the result of the natural decay of uranium in soil, rock and water, and enters the home from below. The EPA urges every homeowner to test for radon or if you are buying or selling a home.


You should test your home for the level of radon gas present in the indoor air. If you have high radon levels, there are ways to solve a radon problem. Even very high levels can be reduced to acceptable levels.


It is important to get an accurate test. The best way to assure this is to hire a qualified professional to conduct the radon testing. As qualified tester, NPI knows the proper conditions, test devices and guidelines for obtaining reliable radon test results.

Is It Dangerous?

The U.S. Surgeon General has warned that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the U.S. today. Radon can be a problem in all types of homes and has been found in homes in every state.

Factors that can affect radon levels in homes include:

  • Local Geology

  • Construction Materials

  • How the Home was Built


Mark came highly recommended from our realtor and we are so happy we chose him for our inspection. Mark was absolutely amazing to work with. You could tell he genuinely cared about making sure we understood everything as first time home buyers and if we had questions, he took time explaining to us our options. He even told us that if we ever have questions down the line, his door is always open for us to reach out to. The reservation and payment process was so smooth and quick, no complaints there. We are working with a relocation company so we needed to have answers from the inspection back as soon as possible and they absolutely delivered. We received our detailed inspection by that night including photos and explanations on each page. I highly recommend Mark and his team at NPI, you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much for making this process easy for us!
Austin A
Mark was all around great and will definantly refer him to anyone i know and if needed attemp to use him in the future
Darcie S
Mark did a great and thorough job on the home inspection.
Susan S
I would like to let you know that I thought Jim Laban did a very thorough inspection. I sold my home in September of 2014. The buyers had an inspector come to evaluate my home. I was there for the inspection, to let him in. I allowed him to do his job, but once I read his report, I thought his evaluation was very sloppy. He only checked one outside outlet and only stood on a ladder and peaked into the attic. He made assessments from pictures he took several feet away. Not very complete in my book. I will happily recommend your company to anyone. Without Jim's inspection, I would not have know about the wiring not being grounded. I have a list that I will take back to the seller's. Thank you so much!
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