Infrared Imaging

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Infrared imaging is the reading of heat energy across surfaces of your commercial property. This energy is detected and recorded through the lens of an Infrared camera.

The resulting images help to identify problem areas with differences in heat energy, which will appear a different color or shade of gray, and can therefore determine if an area is wet or dry; hot or cold. This information is then viewed and interpreted by a certified, trained professional.

The Benefits of Infrared

Temperature changes across surfaces as “read” by the infrared camera and interpreted by the inspector along with other clues can indicate:

  • Safety concerns
  • Moisture problems
  • Developing leaks in the roof, plumbing, etc.
  • Rodent or pest infestation
  • Storm damage
  • Areas of missing insulation
  • And more

Trained & Experienced Professionals

NPI has the training and expertise necessary to accurately interpret Infrared images and pinpoint problem areas in your commercial building. At the conclusion of the inspection, you will receive a report with an explanation of findings, complete with Infrared and digital photos.


Christopher & Emily D
Mark Crowley is very professional, friendly, and informative. He informed me of many ways to maintain and update the house. He made this whole process a lot easier. I will 100% recommend him to family and friends in the future.
Beth R
We were extremely satisfied with the home inspection process. This was our first home inspection and it was more than we had ever expected. Jim was very thorough, provided great explanations and addressed all of our concerns. The inspection report was very detailed with pictures and recommendations. This definitely gave us peace of mind with our purchase. We will absolutely share our experience with family and friends. Thanks for the wonderful service!
Devontae B
Everything went smooth and the process was provided promptly.
I was very pleased with the service from Mark and would definitely recommend him in the future. As a first-time home buyer (lacking your typical handyman skills), Mark took the time to not only point out the item, but explain how it should operate, why, and what to do to solve the issue or if it comes up in the future. He was efficient and very knowledgeable in every aspect of the inspection. Thanks Mark!
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